How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Those tiny fruit flies are a pain! They can lay a lot of eggs, up to 50 in a single day! Here are some tips to get rid of them if they decide to make your home their home.

Those annoying little flies buzzing around your kitchen are fruit flies, not your imagination! They might not bite, but they can spread germs.

Plus, they multiply fast – one fly can lay up to 50 eggs in a day, and they hatch into grown-up flies in just a week! Here’s how to get rid of them for good.

What are fruit flies and where do fruit flies come from?

Fruit flies look like tiny reddish-brown flies. You’ll probably see them fluttering around your kitchen, possibly near the fruit bowl.

Although fruit flies can come in from through your open windows, they’re typically brought in from the grocery store on fruit and vegetables.

They lay their eggs in rotting produce and sugary surfaces, and they enter into fruit in the grocery store through any knicks or cuts on the fruit’s surface.

To get rid of an infestation, first toss everything that attracts them.

Get rid of their food: Throw away any old or rotting fruits and veggies. Wash new ones and store them in the fridge.

Clean up spills: Don’t let leftover food or sugary messes sit around. Wipe down your counters, trash can (especially the bottom!), and even the drain (fruit flies love damp places).

Make it chilly: Fruit flies like it warm. Turn on the AC to make them uncomfortable.

Next, trap those fruit flies.

Jar and Funnel Trap (pictured above)

Place some bait inside a glass jar —overripe produce, ketchup or a fermented liquid like apple cider vinegar, beer or wine will all work.

Then place a funnel over the opening of the jar with the spout pointing down to create a tiny entrance that is easy for the flies to get into but almost impossible for them to exit. (In place of the funnel you can also use a paper cone.)

As the jar fills up, you can wait for the flies to expire before emptying it, or you can put the jar in the freezer to speed up the process.

Bottle and Plastic Wrap Trap

  • Grab the bottle.
  • Wrap some plastic wrap tightly over the opening.
  • Poke a few tiny holes in the plastic wrap with a pin.
  • The flies will smell the yummy stuff inside and fly through the holes, but they won’t be able to fly back out!
  • Leave the trap near the flies and wait for them to get stuck (they’ll end up floating).
  • Once they’re all trapped, throw the whole bottle and plastic wrap away!

Bowl and Soap Trap

  • For extra-tough cases, this is the way to go. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap.
  • Microwave the bowl so the mixture becomes even more aromatic.
  • Leave the bowl out uncovered as fruit fly bait. The soap will reduce the surface tension, causing any fruit fly that lands on the surface to drown.

Prevent a future fruit fly infestation by taking these steps.

Inspect your fruits and veggies closely at the store. Look for any bumps or cracks where flies could be hiding.

Wash all your fruits and veggies (even the ones you don’t refrigerate) as soon as you get home. This removes any eggs that might be on them.

Clean up spills right away, especially sugary ones. Don’t forget to take out the trash regularly and clean your sink drain. Fruit flies love these areas!

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